The SALUTE project brings together 5 academic partners, from France and Switzerland, and one topic manager:

The Laboratory of Tribology and System Dynamics (LTDS) at Ecole Centrale Lyon (ECL)

The Laboratory of Tribology and System Dynamics is the coordinator of the SALUTE project.

ECL-LTDS is a well-known laboratory for materials, complex systems dynamic, tribology and civil engineering, with a permanent staff of about 130 persons, with roughly 170 PhD students and Post-Doc fellows ECL LTDS .

The Smart Material and System research group will be directly involved in the program (total permanent staff of about 10 persons). The main skills cover : wave sound propagation, smart metacomposite, active noise and vibration control, vibroacoustics, nonlinear dynamics. LTDS has developed, since 1987, a lot of active control demonstrators in strong collaborations with the industry. The LTDS group will be involved in modeling and optimization of the smart liner but also to tune complex prototypes and experimental benches to reach efficient and robust experimental behaviors.

The Laboratory of Fluid Transfer and Acoustics (LMFA) at Ecole Centrale Lyon (ECL)

ECL-LMFA is focused on the physics, modelling and measurement of aero-acoustic phenomena. With more than 100 permanent staff, a complete range of equipment and a double skill in measurement with PHARE platform and modelling of aerodynamic turbulence, the SALUTE project will benefit from the scientific quality required to develop accurate and robust

The Laboratory of Signal Processing (LTS2) at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

The LTS2Acoustic Group is specialized in electroacoustic and active noise control. Its major research outcomes are the concepts of electroacoustic absorption and the acoustic metamaterial with negative/zero/positive refractive indices. The LTS2-Acoustic Group will be mainly involved in the design and optimization of active Electroacoustic Resonator concepts (broadband SDOF as well as MDOF) and the adaptation of the concept to a distributed control strategy. It will also be committed in the development of the numerical simulation tools.

The Franche-Comté Electronics Mechanics
Thermal Science and Optics – Sciences and Technologies (FEMTO-ST) at Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté (UBFC)

FEMTO-ST is a worldwide recognized laboratory in mechanical, mechatronics, optics, informatics and microsystems design and manufacturing. With more than 750 staff, complete range of equipment and a double skill in electronics and vibroacoustics, optimization and manufacturing of multiphysics systems, it will contribute to develop the electronics and mechanics required for the P1 prototypes. Support related to distributed control strategies, transducers, vibroacoustic validation, integration in test benches will also constitute important involvements of FEMTO-ST in the project .

The Laboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Université du Mans (LAUM)

LAUM hosts 60 permanent academics, 20 support staff and 70 PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. Research activities at the LAUM cover a wide range of topics: aero-acoustics, transducers (MEMS), meta-materials, fluid-structure interactions, non-destructive testing, sound and vibrations in complex materials (porous and/or granular materials) and thermo-acoustics. The LAUM has an extensive track record of fundamental and applied research relevant to the SALUTE project. Various projects are focused on modelling, designing and manufacturing micro-scale transducers for a range of applications. This includes microphones as well as MEMS membrane actuators for sound absorption with either active or semi-active control systems. The LAUM develops experimental techniques and facilities to characterize the behavior of acoustic treatments with flow and high amplitude sound that are representative of aircraft engines. These facilities are used by various industries including Airbus, the Safran Group, EDF and others. A number of theoretical models and computational tools have been developed by researchers at the LAUM to predict sound propagation in complex flows and the interactions with acoustic treatments


SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES is the topic manager of the project.